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Prayer Summit

March 29-30, 2019 $20 - 50
Registration closes Mar 8 at 11:30pm.
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Dates & Times

  • Mar 29-30, 2019
    7:00pm - 5:00pm

Attendee Types

  • Standard
  • Student


What Is a Prayer Summit?

A prayer summit is a gathering of God's people that focuses on seeking God's presence through days of "Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, worship-based prayer" (Daniel Henderson).

Why Should I Attend?

The purpose of the Prayer Summit is to help us grow in our intimacy with God through worshipful dependent prayer. We plan to engage in unscripted worship-based prayer, praying in large and small groups as well as in solitude and silence. We anticipate that the Holy Spirit will lead us to short passages in God's word through which we will pray in response to the character and will of God. Themes will emerge, through which God will guide us.

We anticipate God working through this transformative experience to enrich our personal prayers, with the result that they focus on worshipful relationship with him and contribute to a culture of dependent prayer in our church.

Please join us in seeking God's presence and experiencing his power as he revives our spirits, renews our love, and restores our relationships.

What Should I Bring?

Please bring a paper Bible if possible, a pen or pencil, and a notebook in which to write. Digital devices are not as helpful for seeing the context of a Bible passage, and can distract people from the purpose of the Summit.

May Children Attend?

We ask that parents make alternative plans for young children and others who cannot pray for extended periods about adult topics. Our intention is that everyone who attends can have a focused and refreshing prayer experience.

Location and Times
Cedar Lake Ministries, 13701 Lauerman Street, Cedar Lake, IN

Onsite registration opens on Friday at 5:30pm. The Summit begins at 7:00. Checkout by 5:00pm on Saturday.

Two Coins Payment System
We are excited to announce that we will be implementing our Two Coins Payment System, a pay-what-you-will payment philosophy. Though we've listed the total costs of the event, our people should feel free to give as they feel called. Our church body is made up of people with very different financial situations, so we believe that this system will allow those who can give less to give less and for those who can afford to be generous to give more. The idea behind this system is to have our membership give as a body, rather than individually, and to give from the heart (Luke 21:1-4). When you arrive at the payment page, you will be able to choose "other amount" and manually type in the amount you wish to give.

If you have any questions, please contact the Downtown campus Prayer Ministry leaders, Bob and Alli Burcham.